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Cultural Heritage, examples to posterity

Stichting De Traditie aims to conserve and expose examples of ancestral professional skills of the 20th century. Focus is on music, science, and domestic art.  The collection started with the heritage of the ancestors and teachers of the founders of Stichting De Traditie.
  • Nijmegen - Music: the heritage of earlier organists and carilloneurs of the St. Stephanus Church and St. Stephanus Tower, among whom Willem de Vries (1871-1936) en Arie Peters (1908-1980).
  • Utrecht - Science:  rise and fall of the discipline of Comparative Animal Physiology, with special focus on life and work of Sven Dijkgraaf and his students.
  • Domestic Art: Cabinet-work, Needlework, Embroidery, and Classical Mending Techniques of Carel Alexander Walhof, Dirkje Bakker, Cornelia Walhof, Poetry and Biography from Greece by Loukia Katsikanis, and Culture from Senegambia.
The collection will be made accessible by: This website, digital publications, and hardcopy publications. See Collection for more details, or jump directly to the MUSEUM-EXPO pages (under construction)
    Founded at Utrecht, The Netherlands, 11 April 2017 (NL -  ANBI)
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