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Contributions to support the activities of Stichting De Traditie are welcome.
ING bank account number nr 8325873 in the name of Stichting De Traditie at Utrecht.
IBAN: NL51INGB0008325873  -  BIC: INGBNL2A

Annual Reports

For accountability,  please refer to Annual Reports (in Dutch) at Board: Verantwoording
Publications, please see SDT Reference Series International
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Closed Files

  • Electroreception 1999. The 25th anniversary of Rob Peters  defending his thesis on the electric sense of catfish was celebrated on November 25, 1999.  A memoir was issued on this occasion, which describes the ways of science in the last quarter of the twentieth century.  Ref.: Peters-RC 1999. De elektrische zin van de dwergmeerval, Ictalurus nebulosus (Le Sueur, 1819) III. 25 jaar onderzoek en onderwijs. Stichting De Traditie - Utrecht. ISBN 90-805355-1-6.
  • Bit Man. Bit Man is an introduction into general neurophysiology and neuroethology for 1st year biology students. Not reprinted. Ref.: Peters-RC 2000. Beknopte neurofysiologie en neuroethologie voor de propedeuse. Stichting De Traditie - Utrecht. ISBN 90-805355-2-4.
  • Twee dagen oma - Δύο μέρες Γιαγιά 2010. Loukia Katsikani biographic: the war, the church, and her son abroad. Ref.: Katsikani-L 2010, Twee dagen oma (Greek). Stichting De Traditie - Utrecht. Printed 2010, 2011. ISBN 978-90-805355-5-8.
  • Senegal. Stichting De Traditie supported small projects in the Casamance region via Stichting Kleinschalige Ontwikkelings-Projecten at Groningen (SKOP). Stichting De Traditie has donated through SKOP apiculture equipment, fishing gear, and seawater resistant power cable. Project Senegal was closed in 2011, after liquidation ot SKOP.
  • Modern Greek language at school was closed in 2011 after publication of the final report of the 'Verkenningscommissie Klassieke talen  van de Stichting Leerplanontwikkeling' in December 2010.
  • Philosophy of Life and Sustainability closed; material returned to donor.
  • Study console for carillon. On 03 October 2010 the study console, through mediation of the secretary of the Nederlandse Klokkenspel Vereniging, Janno den Engelsman, was bestowed on the expert Japanese carilloneur Toru Takao (Düsseldorf).