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The Three Kernels of the Collection 

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Arie Peters, born in Utrecht in 1908, was carillonneur of the city of Nijmegen, and organist of the Great or St. Stephanus Church at Nijmegen from 1936 to 1974. The collection of Stichting De Traditie contains a large number of manuscripts and other documents that illustrate his musical development, the essence of his musical oeuvre, and his struggle for everyday life. In particular, the way in which he coped with the loss of 'his' organ and carillon by the bombardment - by our allied friends - on February 22, 1944 deserves admiration. The collection also includes material from his predecessor Willem de Vries.

Ut Utrecht - Science - Comparative Physiology

Sven Dijkgraaf, born in The Hague in 1908, was Professor of Comparative Physiology at the University of Utrecht from 1948 to 1974. The collection of Stichting De Traditie contains a surprisingly complete archive of his correspondence, research and education, as well as some manuscripts of his predecessor, H.J. Jordan, the first Professor of Comparative Physiology in the Netherlands.
Stichting De Traditie
also adopted Electroreception-Research of the University of Utrecht. The material mercilessly illustrates the weaknesses of the Dutch science policy, but also shows the successes of dedicated scientists.

Thu  Home - Home Crafts - poetry,  joinery, handicraft and embroidery

Loukia Katsikani (née Davrani), was born in Ano Lechonia in 1934. She represents The Greek Woman. Her zest for life is evidenced by an impressive range of poems, memoirs and works of art, created in addition to her labor-intensive occupation with household and kitchen garden.
Dirkje Walhof (née Bakker), born in Utrecht in 1877, represents The Dutch Housewife. Her thoroughness and expertise is demonstrated by among other things her handiwork.
Carel Alexander Walhof, born in Utrecht in 1878, was a cabinetmaker. Besides his work as a carpenter-joiner-foreman at the Dutch Railways, he lived his creativity in making furniture for his wife, children, and grandchildren.