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 Cultural Heritage

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To preserve and expose the cultural heritage of our ancestors and teachers. To evoke surprise and admiration by creating accessibility to their work, products, and minds. To promote the practice of science and other cultural activities. Originally the aim of the foundation was to preserve the cultural and scientific heritage of the ancestors of the founders of Stichting De Traditie. Todate a wider area is covered. Stichting De Traditie accepts donations and supports projects.

Culture, what exactly is culture?

There are many definitions of culture (see glossary), all of which refer to the same underlying concepts: the collection and application of knowledge and experience, representing ideas and habits of people. Culture is society in toto.  More specifically culture means: art, science, religion, and law.
The aim of Stichting De Traditie is to make the cultural heritage of the 20th century accessible to our offspring, who are unfamiliar with the poverty of the pre-war period, and the explosion of wealth afterwards. Characteristic of the first decade of the 21st century is the use of computer screens and keyboards in a chip-oriented society for the exchange of information, industrial production, and pleasure. In the first half of the 20th century hands were used for more than typing a keyboard. It is impressive to see a joiner at work with no more than a pair of compasses, a set of chisels, and a saw. It is the reminiscence of these abilities, suppressed and overshadowed by the upscaling of organisations and by miniaturisation of electronic circuitry, that Stichting De Traditie aims to cultivate.