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SDT Reference Series

The SDT Reference Series is a collection of prepublications and articles in pdf-format, dealing with a variety of scientific, cultural, and philosophical issues. Publications may be copied and distributed for instruction purposes, and for other non-commercial purposes. It is not permitted to sell copies. Stichting De Traditie takes charge of the copyright. When referred to, the proper and usual bibliographical data must be cited. The publications are designed for presentation on screen (landscape);  numbering follows the hard copy filing tradition.

SDT Reference Series International

Peters-RC, Loos-WJG, Eeuwes-LBM, Hoek-B-van-den 2010. Scotokinesis in the brown bullhead, Ameiurus nebulosus (LeSueur, 1819). SDT Ref. Ser. Int. 1, 1-11.

Struik-ML 2011. Stereoscopy of Kryptopterus bicirrhis (Valenciennes 1840) electroreceptor organ dendritic trees. SDT Ref Ser. Int. 1, 12-18.

Meek-J, Peters-RC 2013. Ameiurus nebulosus (LeSueur, 1819), brain sections.
SDT Ref. Ser. Int. 1, 19-.24.

Peters-RC 2013. Ein Zwergwels der nicht kommt wenn man ihm pfeift.
SDT Ref. Ser. Int. 1, 25-30.

Peters-RC 2014. Electrical conductivity of Scyliorhinus canicula egg capsules.
SDT Ref. Ser. Int. 1, 31-35.

Schönhage-AAC, Peters-RC 2014. Electroreception: Detection thresholds of Scyliorhinus canicula inside and outside their egg capsules. SDT Ref. Ser. Int. 1, 36-44.

Peters-RC 2014. In vivo staining of electrosensory micro-ampullary organs of catfish, and cupulae of free neuromasts of Xenopus. SDT Ref. Ser. Int. 1, 45-53.

Peters-RC 2016. Dogfish electroreception at Utrecht University 1966, a retrospective view. SDT Ref. Ser. Int. 1, 54-65.

Atema-J, Peters-RC 2018. Homing in Patella sp.
SDT Ref. Ser. Int. 1, 66-70.

Peters-RC 2018. Dijkgraaf's proprioceptor - What's in a name?
SDT Ref. Ser. Int. 1, 71-75.

Peters-RC 2019. Air bubbles for discomfort in fish
SDT Ref. Ser. Int. 1, 76-83..

SDT Reference Series Netherlands

Peters-RC 2011. Toru Takao en Arie Peters' stokkenklavier (1936).
SDT Ref. Ser. Neth. 1, 1-2.

Peters-RC 2014. Iatraffics.
SDT Ref. Ser. Neth. 1, 3-9.

Atema-J, Peters-RC 2018. Het "homen" van Patella.
SDT Ref. Ser. Neth. 1, 10-13.

Das-R, Peters-RC 2020. Herinneringen aan H.F. Bos als organist van de Nicolaï-
en Domkerk te Utrecht, SDT Ref. Ser. Neth. 1, 14-50.

Peters-RC 2021. Een nieuwe organist op het 160-jarige König-orgel.
SDT Ref. Ser. Neth. 1. 51-57.

SDT Booklets

Peters-RC 1999. De elektrische zin van de dwergmeerval, Ictalurus nebulosus (LeSueur, 1819) III.  25 jaar Onderzoek en onderwijs. Stichting De Traditie - Utrecht. 
ISBN 90-805355-1-6.
Peters-RC 2000. Bit Man, Beknopte Neurofysiologie en Neuro-Ethologie voor de propedeuse. Stichting De Traditie - Utrecht. ISBN 90-805355-3-2.
Katsikani-L 2010. Twee dagen oma. Stichting de Traditie - Utrecht.
ISBN 978-90-805355-5-8 (Greek). 1st print July 2010. 2nd print July 2011.