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Elektroreception: Utrecht PhD Dissertations

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The surface of metal wires immersed in water gives rise to electrical corrosion currents, that can be perceived by some fish species. Dijkgraaf was familiar with the work of Parker and Van Heusen, who described this phenomenon already in 1917 for brown bullheads. In 1935, he observed himself a similar phenomenon with sharks during a research internship at the Sea Aquarium in Naples, but attributed these reactions to the poor state of the power supply there. Only in 1962, he realized, after a publication of R.W. Murray, that such currents can be detected by cartilaginous fish through the ampullae of Lorenzini. This finding threw a new light on the question of the biological significance of the ampullae of Lorenzini. After all, sharks have no electric organ to produce electric shock. So why electrosensory organs? More about Lorenzinian ampullae....
  • Left: Photograph of Sven Dijkgraaf from: Senses and Behaviour. Contributions by his scholars and collaborators in honour of Dr. Sven Dijkgraaf at the occasion of his retirement as a professsor of Comparative Physiology at the University of Utrecht, 1 December 1974. Neth. J. Zool. 25 (4), 1975.


    Peters_thesis    Peters_thesis2

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